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Write a letter to your friend, Sophie, who now did not have a job after graduation. She is very down, so you write this letter so as to comfort her.

Dear Sophie:

I have got the mail from you. I am very sorry to hear that you are depressed at the moment.  But, my lovely Sophie, be strong in adversity.  I believe you can tackle the problems.

Well, it is an undeniable fact that many workers and companies suffer a lot after the economic downturn.  Many companies bankrupted and collapsed.  The workers in the companies thus faced unemployment.  When they were unemployed, they could not find any jobs even they did it for a year or two years.  For the unemployment, the economic downturn is one of the reasons, but the main reason is that they are too old and lack wide ranges of knowledge to be re-employed. 

What I want to say is that you are, surely, not that kind of person.  You are always the greatest friend who I am proud of.  You are talent at all academic subjects at school.  You are also very great at playing the piano.  You have got the 8-grade certificate since last year.  Although you now left the company, you still have a lot of opportunities to be re-employed.  The academic achievements and the scholarships you received are so remarkable that anyone could see and anyone would appreciate.  You help your school build up the reputation.  So you may also help build up the reputation of the companies that employ you.  So believe me, try to get an interview with the companies you like and you will get employed very easily, once they see your qualifications and achievements in academy.

My Sophie, I have been knowing you for more than 10 years.  You always bring a lot of joy to your family even though you are the only child in the family.  So you should not be affected by the so-called ¡§misfortune¡¨ in your young age.  Instead, you should be brave and wise to it.  There is a proverb ¡§one changes to get improved and the one changes frequently to get prefect¡¨.  You are now changing, and the company gave you a chance to change.  That means you are going to improve yourself.  Anyway, here I have an advice to you.  If you are really upset about the employment and do not want to get employed again, you can work as a teacher to help children learn the piano and also as a private tutor to help students solve academic problems.  The qualifications and the academic achievements you have got are high enough for you do get a ¡§job¡¨ in these aspects.  Many university graduates prefer to have a job of private tutor rather than to be employed by any companies.  The reason behind is that these kinds of job are a good way to earn money and, most importantly, it leaves you a lot of time.  I hope I could be involved in that kinds of job, but as you know, my qualifications¡K

I think I should stop talking about this because I may be sad and cry.  As a matter a fact, I always regard you as the example to follow; because I could learn a lot from you. I should end up here and talk with you later.

Be bright, be wise, and never give up.  I am always supporting you!

Best wishes,


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