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911 Anniversary


This is the moment of mourning

for all of the lost in the terrorist attacks.

Though I am not an American,

being a human being,

I feel very sorrow.


Why don't human being stop

fighting, stop warring?

Why don't human being treat

themselves in harmony?

Why don't human being treat

themselves as their families,

their friends?


All happened today last year

is a misfortune that

you don't want,

I don't want,

and all people don't want.


Today, what I can do is to pray

for those who lost their lives,

and those who sacrificed their

lives trying to save others

in the 911.


I hope you do this for them

as well!


A silence friend






The rumination of the 911

While we hear September 11, we would think about the terrorist attacks in the United States. It is a day we would never forget. On that day, two passenger airliners hijacked by the terrorists hit on the World Trade Centre, which collapsed within an hour. In the attacks, it lost not only money, but the precious lives also, which is estimated to be over 3,000.

People everywhere are grief except those who launched the attacks. People also think that they are inhumane. However, all these kinds of things have passed and we hope that it should be the part of the history, which we could find only in history books. What we need today is nothing but the world we can live peacefully and happily. Therefore, any kinds of warfare should not be brought to the human¡¦s world. As the leader of the world, the US should set an example to other countries and should not claim a war.

The reason why I talk about this here is simply what Mr. Bush has insisted. When Mr. Bush was standing out for the president of the US, the terrorists began their attacks in his term as a president. They drove the airplanes and smashed them into the central areas of the US. They killed thousands of Americans and foreigners. They really felt angry with the president just elected. He made a speech severely blaming the terrorists soon after the attacks. He also vowed to bring the culprit to justice swiftly when he was dealing with the jobs of helping out the victims in the terrorist attacks. A month later, he said in public that his country would fight for revenge and he pointed out that the Taleban, the regime in Afghanistan, and Osama bin Laden should be held responsible to the attacks.

Now Mr. Bush smashed the Taleban and is still tracing bin Laden. Even so, Mr. Bush seems to think that the game is not over. When the days is approaching 911 the second year, he said he would fight against Iraq, which the US has thought  had the weapon of mass destruction.

Even Mr. Bush tried hard to persuade many countries to support him that he takes military actions against Iraq, a few of them are in favor of him. It stands to reason that after the terrorist attacks on September 11 last year, people know that anger and war are not the answer and they prefer a peaceful world.

If Mr. Bush does not stop acting like this, he will no longer be the president of the people, by the people, for the people; instead, he will be the symbol of the evil, by the evil, for the evil.



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